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As a real-time pipeline integrity and asset management engineering solution, SolePipelines is built on the Ensosoft Sole Engineering Solution Software Platform. With integration at its core, the Sole platform incorporates advanced data processing and analysis, automated engineering workflows, compound algorithmic alarms and real-time modeling to enable real-time pipeline integrity and asset management. Built on this platform, SolePipelines enables pro-active asset management, operational optimization and complete integrity asset management.

SolePipelines consists of four independent modules, each focused on a specific operational domain within pipeline integrity and asset management.

SolePipelines Emergency Response Module: An emergency response management system for pipelines, incorporates a Multimode Leak Detection System (Mass Balance, Real-Time Transient Modeling, Negative Pressure Wave & Acoustic), Failure Prediction Module and a Valve Actuation and Flow Assurance System (VAFAS), SolePipelines enables pro-active management of safe pipelines operations.

SolePipelines  Integrity  pro-actively monitors, updates and manages corrosion threats and defects in pipelines through the integration of ILI data with our proprietary stress analysis and corrosion control and forecasting algorithms. Detailed engineering workflows such as Water Dropout and Settlement Prediction, Real-Time Transient Modeling, and Corrosion Erosion Monitoring allow engineers to continuously monitor and avoid failures  - reducing risk.

SolePipelines  Knowledge Management Takes pro-active Pipeline Integrity and Asset Management to the next level. Combining user knowledge with operational data sets and advanced pattern recognition Knowledge Management creates a library of resource information readily available for future generations of Engineers. Additionally, Knowledge Management’s continuous pattern recognition recognizes events, threats or situations based on historical experience – informing engineers of possible operational issues before they occur.

SolePipelines  Performance  Minimize operational costs, increase margins, maximize throughputs and improve efficiency through multi-parameter optimization of pipeline operations and equipment including chemical management and product quality monitoring and management.